Welcome to the Tower Times Blog


Each year, students of Seconde and Premiere that are a part of the Anglophone Section are given the opportunity to choose between a series of electives such as “Think Globally, Act Locally,” Film and Theater, Debate, The “PAMUN” conference class, and last but not least Journalism.

Before beginning this blog, the Journalism students learned how to research, differentiate reliable sources and unreliable sources, as well as extract information from online newspapers. They also discussed the influence social media has upon people’s different perspectives and opinions.

This year instead of doing a newspaper, the Journalism students started a blog. The purpose of this blog is to inform the readers of the ongoing events concerning the Anglophone Section, such as Speech & Prize Day, Thanksgiving, The Irish Pub, The Picnic, Habitat for Humanity, The Australian Exchange, Step Ahead, the students, and even the teachers.

This blog will provide different articles written by either Seconde or Premiere students from the journalism elective. In addition to useful information concerning the Anglophone Section (AS), there will also be reviews and reports about books, movies, plays, music.

We are 17 students from the Anglophone Section of Institut de La Tour and this is our blog.

– By Yasmine S. and Victor T.

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