Habitat for Humanity

The La Tour Anglophone Section has done a humanitarian trip with Habitat for Humanity since 2013, and for their third venture they went to Lesotho. This trip takes place every 2 years because the students need to prepare correctly and fundraise for about 11 months.

This amazing ten day trip is proposed by the Anglophone Section, and is maintained and organized by Miss. Gerbeau. Every Tuesday, the team would gather for 1 hour to organize their mission and to discuss on how they could collect funds.

To enter the team they had an interview with Miss Gerbeau, Mr.Bonetis and Mrs. Gerbeau (the now retired director of the Anglophone Section) and they had to write a motivation letter. After the selection, the hard work started…

The habitat for humanity team left October 15th and came back October 27th.

They had an 11-hour flight to South Africa and then a 6-hour bus drive to Lesotho.

Their day started at 7. They had breakfast time and then took the car to go on the work site. Every morning they received security instructions. After these instructions, they had to take their gloves and hard hats and then off to work! They made cement, placed bricks, built walls, placed windows… Around one they had lunch time and snacks were given out. The work day ended at 5 when the group would go home to rest.

This trip was amazing and the entire Habitat for Humanity team wished they could have stayed longer to visit this country and to continue helping poor African families. They also have great memories about the time that they passed with the families. They shared meals, danced with them, played with the little girls and the grandmother for whom they were building the house would visit them every day and bring them water since she could not help. They are all grateful about it and this humanitarian trip will stay in their mind forever. hfh2-jpeg

– By Yse B.and Hortense C.

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