6eme’s Integration

Stressful, joyful, weird or even overwhelming are often the words that come to mind when we think about our first days in middle school. But is it still the case? Now that the first trimester is over, we went to see how the 6emes are doing here, at La Tour.

But first, let’s talk about some numbers. There are many 6emes this year, exactly 162. There were so many that they had to move! (If you’re curious about this, you can check out the article we wrote on this subject: A massive change for the collège students ). 22 of them are in Anglophone studies, 21 in prep and 40 in Advanced English! And the main schools they come from are La Providence of course, St Francois D’Eylau, Franklin, Gerson and St Jean de Passy. Of course, we couldn’t talk to all of them; they come from 45 different schools after all!

But for the 6emes, knowing people before was not important, they seemed to make friends pretty fast! We asked them how they felt about the main changes like the teachers or the schedules. They told us they liked having a lot of teachers, which can be quite surprising, considering the fact that it is way more complicated than having only one teacher. But they were not as happy about the schedules. For them, the days are too long and tiring. We also asked them about the work of course. They explained that it changed quite a lot from before, that there was more work, but it wasn’t that bothersome. They explained that what they were doing in class was not very different from what they did in primary school and that it helped them with the work. As for their integration in the school, they seemed pretty happy with their place in the school and the fact that they didn’t see the other classes. They feel like this way, it’s easier for them to get used to being in middle school and they are also proud to be in the high school’s building, it makes them feel older!

After talking with the 6emes, it is pretty clear that their integration to middle school, and La Tour in general, is going well. They are all very excited to discover new things at school and meet new people! Apparently, things like the first days at middle school don’t change over the years!

By Alix D. and Constance G.


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