Journees D’Amitie

Every year, since 1987, all the students and family have had the chance to come just before Christmas and enjoy the great atmosphere of the “Journées d’Amitié”. The event takes place alternatively each year in one of the 2 schools: La Tour and La Providence, which are located nearby and have a close relationship. This year, The Journee d’Amitie took place at La Providence School, rue de la Pompe, on the 26th and 27th of November.

The Journees d’Amitie consists of two days organised by l’APEL from the two establishments. L’APEL is a parents association that is in charge of all the events that happen during the school year.

During these two days, families can come together (from grandparents to grandchildren) and reunite to discovers stands, and enjoy the food and drinks, to buy presents, etc. Many activities are organized but we can also find many different varieties of stands such as food from different countries, jewelry, games, tombola, year 12 stand, Christmas trees, oysters stand, clothes, and many other things.

It also gives the student the opportunity to show their school to their parents, families and friends, meet their teachers in a casual environment and enjoy their school premises in a festive way. It gives the parents the opportunity to discover the schools’ associations, schools’ groups, and terminale students who sell goods to finance their proms. For example, the association “Aida” created by a school student was there during the two days to give the opportunity to everyone to discover its work, its actions and to give the opportunity to students to join the current team.nb_dsc_1567

People could also get a souvenir of their school years by having a photograph taken with friends or family members. It was a professional photograph that used impressive materials that we don’t see every day.

The Anglophone Section also participates in this event by proposing an “English dictation” and also a Christmas carol time followed by a happy hour with its Irish coffee.

As always, these two days were a great success: The atmosphere was fantastic and everyone enjoyed their weekend, and it’s always possible to remember this festive time by checking the dedicated website of “les journees d’amitie” to see what happened during the past years (

-By Yse B. and Hortense C.



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