La Tour Construction


A modern area for students.

We’ve been hoping to have more space for work. Finally, our hopes came true.

The construction of the new building started in September 2014 and will be finished in September 2017.


It consists of a 5 Million euro investment including 1.5 Million Euros of donations as the government does not provide any subsidies for the construction. Eighty percent of the amount comes from La Tour’s proper funds in addition to a 10 year loan.

The La Tour events such as “La Nuit des talents” and the dinner of the “Journées d’Amitiées” with its auction also helped the project.

As Mme Tessier said (one of the construction organizers ) ” It is not going as fast as it should be”(Of course!).


We believe that mutual support is the key element of our school. Having this new building will give a new image of the school: a school opened to new horizons committed to its students by improving the student facilities and study environment.

The new building will be on three floors with a total of 900 square meters.  Underground, there will be an auditorium consisting of 220 seats. On the ground-floor, there will be a new music room (let us sing now!). On the first floor, a gymnasium (prepare the olympic games 2020!) and finally on the rooftop, a garden area of 60 square meters (let us picnic…). If there is additional space, new classrooms will be added in order to have  more classes with less students.

We, along with all our classmates, look forward to having a new building in 2017!

-By Ramin A. and Youssef M.

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