Founded in 1987, Harvard Model Congress Europe (HMCE) is an educational student organization conference which is run exclusively by undergraduates from Harvard College. HMCE is an international government debate simulation available to high school students.

Throughout its history, the conference has grown significantly with over 500 students attending in 2014. Over the past 27 years, HMCE has had diverse locations from Luxembourg, to Paris, Athens, Brussels, and now Madrid. HMCE also exists in different parts of the globe like in Boston, San Francisco, Singapore, or even Dubai.

IMG_1026In the conference, students are challenged to engage and discuss in the same issues that actual government organizations, including the United States, courts, and international bodies are facing in reality today. From debating on clauses and resolutions to negotiating with other students representing countries, each student has the opportunity to both learn and actively discuss some of the most important problems and solutions concerning our world and future.


-How did you prepare for HMCE?

“I had to complete a position paper that took me several hours. We had to do extended research to complete our knowledge on the topics proposed. Compared to other students I was not especially ready but it wasn’t a weakness as I was very confident about elaborating on the research I did. “

-Elena C. (Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel)

IMG_1066HMCE is not an easy activity. Preparation is long and takes time. Students from other schools are probably going to be older and more experienced than you and you’re probably going to get intimidated but that’s not a reason for you not to compete or work with these people!

This was the first time Elena and some of the La Tour students went to a student conference and it was their first time doing speeches in front of hundreds of people, but surprisingly they still won awards!IMG_1078

 -By Namir S.                                                




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