Trip to Seville

On the week of the 26th of March, the students went on a trip to Andalusia. They stayed in families in Seville. They visited several different cities such as Grenada and Cordoba. They had class two mornings in a local school during their trip. Many activities were prepared by the teachers such as a bike trip, a class of Flamenco. Eight teachers accompanied the students: Mr Haas, Mme Moreno, Mme Prieto, Mme Martin-Lazarro, Mme Morin, and Mr Le Berre.

Questions to the Spanish teachers before the trip:

Why did you choose Andalusia for the trip?

Because it’s the most interesting historical region of Spain and it shows the multiculturalism of Spain.

What do you expect from the students?

We expect from them to be kind with their families and respect them. But also to represent our school and France well.

What kind of activities did you prepare for the students?

There will be cultural activities and fun activities.


Questions to the Spanish students before the trip :

How do you feel about the trip?

We are very excited!

Do you feel the trip is going to be fun?

Yes because the teachers seem nice and maybe we will have some free time!

Do you think the trip will improve your level in Spanish and language quality?

Hope so!

Cordoue (34).JPG

26th march:

We arrived at the airport around midday and directly got separated in two different groups. One group went to meet the families and the other group went to visit the “Arenas de la Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Seville”. Around half five, we switched activities, the second group went to meet their families and the first group went to do the visit.


27th march:

Our meeting point was every morning around 8-9o’clock at the “Placa de Cuba”. Our group directly climbed in the bus for three hours to go to Grenada. As soon as we arrived we went to visit the “Alhambra”. After lunch, the bus took us to the old district of the town of Albaicin. We then went back to Seville to have dinner with our families.


28th march:

We started the day with Spanish classes in the morning for about 2hours. After our lunch in the park we went on a bicycle ride all around the town. We then returned to our families.


29th march:

That day, we had two hours of bus to go to Cordoue where we first visited an oil industry. We then went to visit the Mosque and the Jewish district of the town. When we came back we had dinner with our group in a Spanish restaurant next to our houses.


30th march:

We had Spanish class in the morning where we learned about Spanish culture. We then went for a visit of the cathedral of Seville, despite the long time spent visiting, it was interesting and we had a great view at the top of the Giralda. After lunch, we went for a huge game of track in little groups. At the end of this game we had free time in the commercial district of the city. Around five o’clock, we went to visit the flamenco museum then we took a lesson and we finished with a show then went back to have dinner with our families for the last evening.



31th march:

On the last day, we visited the district of Triana with the entire group. It was very nice and interesting to visit the ancient district of the city and the one in which we lived in. We then visited the huge market of fresh food. We went home for lunch and to get our suitcases and to say goodbye to our families. Around twelve o’clock, we took the bus to the airport and went back to Paris.

-By Solenne L and Leana C.


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