Trip to China

         Every year, students learning Chinese at La Tour have the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world to visit some of China’s big cities: Beijing, Xian and Shanghai.

This year, 3 Secondes and 17 Troisiemes were able to take advantage of this offer. China is completely different from France: because of the polluted air people walk around with breathing masks. They also have a different way of life and their food is highly original: while strolling through a food market, we saw stalls of scorpions, spiders and crickets. As you can imagine, we were too scared to try eating them and we rather opted for noodles, dumplings and rice.FullSizeRender

Throughout our stay we visited many famous monuments such as the Great Wall of China, the Da Cien temple, the Jingshan Park and the Temple of Lama. We got a good look at the impressive Clay Warrior army of Xian and we even brought little statues back home.

The most touching and profound experience I have ever felt was when visiting and helping disabled orphans of the BETHEL association. We played with them in the school playground and shared our food. These children seemed so happy even though they have to face life’s challenges in a far more difficult way than we do.

In only 10 days, we got a good taste of Chinese culture, attending a Kung Fu show, Chinese opera and acrobatics performances as well as spending 9 hours on a train where you get to sleep.FullSizeRender_2

At the end, we formed a strong group and had lots of fun together. During the trip, we got home-sick, thinking about all the things we saw and visited, we just all want to relive this experience again and get on the next flight back to China !

– By Lara D.

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