Café Reviews


Where do the students go after school, or to see each other for free time? That is the question I asked some of them, and 4 cafés came out of their main suggestions.

la_pompadour_07505600_201948208The first one is La Pompadour (110 Rue de la Tour, 75016 Paris). It has the advantage of being very close to La Tour, and so became a “spot” for many students. The coffees and the chouquettes are delicious and there are many others pastries. There are tables outside, with an awning available in case of rain. The waiters are generally friendly and everything is globally cheap enough. The negative points are that there is no heater in winter, and there is not a lot of room. Obligatory drinks for everyone who sits. Students approximately stay at La Pompadour for 1 hour.

chaletThen comes Le Chalet (63 Rue de la Pompe, 75016 Paris), facing La Pompadour. It has the particularity of having a terrace on the top. The terrace is heated in winter. The waiters are very kind and the limonades are excellent. But the prices are excessively high, and the consummation is obligatory. Students stay approximately 1h30.

aeroSome students also talked about a café called Aero (3 place de Passy, 75016 Paris). On a sunny place not far from La Tour, this café (and restaurant) is a nice place to take a drink with friends. The prices are correct, but the service is quite long and the waiters sometimes are unpleasant. The + : the street of Passy is full of shops. Students stay around 1h30.


Finally they talked about La Rotonde (12 Chaussée de la Muette, 75016 Paris). It is farther from La Tour than the other cafés, but the terrace is so sunny and the decoration so chic in this Parisian brasserie’s spirit from the beginning the 1900 that you must reserve for big occasions. It is quite expensive, but the service is very good, and this café is very well situated. Bring the sunglasses!

– By Maude S.

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