1ere difficulties

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”- Alan Lakein

When the students coming from Seconde start their different paths, they enter what is called “the cycle première-terminale”. From then onwards, they try to decide the course choice they’ll take.  Although, they are accompanied and helped by Madame Marchand and Mr Bonetis, as well as their head year teacher; this is a worrying and difficult path to follow.

photo de classe 1S2Firstly, most of the students are indecisive.

Secondly, some of them face difficulties they hadn’t imagined.

Thirdly, a lot have pressure coming from the outside.

Lastly, the list does go on!

photo de classe 1S1The students face a lot of different opportunities, no matter which specialty (S, ES, L) they have chosen.  To continue on, they are various paths for different countries and various course choices. Depending on, for example, if it’s in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, the United States or Canada.

photo de classe 1 ES1.jpg                Furthermore, some schools are more cherished than others by the La Tour Première and Terminale students. We can find: Bocconi in Milan, Mcgill in Montréal, UCL, King’s as well as the prepa Saint Louis de Gonzague in Lille. However, not a bunch of students from Première consider doing a “classe prépatoire”.

photo de classe 1E2L.jpg                  This process is a very worrying and tough one for the students’ preparing it, but we’ll all get through it. A lot of students hesitate whether to reach for their dreams or whether to take a safer road. It’s a very enriching process, which the la Tour high school students won’t regret!

-Siane du R.

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