TV Review: 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is the new Netflix series that every teen watches. It can be considered as the new Gossip Girl.

It is based on Jay Asher’s 2007 best selling novel and adapted by Brian Yorkey.

This is the story of Hannah Baker, a junior at a suburban high school who sent mysterious tapes documenting 13 traumatic events that led to her decision to kill herself. She addressed them to her schoolmates or adults who played a part in her traumatic experiences. The shoebox containing the cassettes held instructions to be passed from one tormentor to another.

The series is an emotional and draining experience. It succeeds in showing pointless and small actions that could be seen as malicious through a victim’s eyes. So it permits us to reflect on our lives thinking of the times when we may have hurt someone intentionally or accidentally. The school environment seems to be stereotyped with jocks, cheerleaders, over-achievers and misfits but actually this is what schools are really like.

Personally, I think that some characters did not have their place on the tapes, the show sometimes goes a little overboard presenting the suicide as a grand conspiracy. Still, the series allows us to relate and has as a goal to prevent any teenager dealing with similar bullying problems from committing suicide.

-By Lara D.

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