Paris’ Bid for the Olympic Games

In Paris, the next Summer Olympics in 2024, (also known as the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad), is an approaching international multi-sport event. The final candidate sites are the two big cities, Paris and Los Angeles.

Here in the city of Paris, they all want to practice the games with passion but they mostly want to share emotions, drive progress and innovation as a united group.

« Sharing. This is what we were made for. Paris 2024. Made for Sharing »



This is the Parisian motto for the next 2024 olympic games, precisely their goal. Also, it’s a way to put the « olympic spirit » into real action like it never has been before. The idea is to unite people and to make sport more powerful.

Tony Estanguet, a canoeing champion and IOC member, guarantees that the next olympic games 2024 will be in Paris. He says « it’s now or never ». In his opinion, the city prefers to lose in front of their only rival LA in Lima, the location where the vote takes place, than to commit any misbehavior.

In addition, the new president Emmanuel Macron will attend Lima’s congress of voting in September 2017.

-By Juliette de C.

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