Trip to Italy

Like each year at La Tour, many trips were planned: the trip to Japan, to Taiwan, to Russia, to Baltimore, to Lesotho and to Italy. So the Terminales, Premières and the Troisièmes with LV3 Italian were offered a trip to Northern Italy, between the 18th and the 22nd of October.

Finally they were twenty to go: three teachers, two Terminales, eight Premières and seven Troisièmes. They went two different cities: Milan and Torino.


The two first days were spent in Milan. Directly after landing, the students went to see an exhibit in the Palazzo Reale about Caravaggio, a famous Italian painter, where eighteen of the master’s works of art were exposed together for the first time. They also visited the Palazzo Reale and the Duomo, the magnificent cathedral of marble. Later a French student at the well-known university La Bocconi gave them a visit of the campus and the classrooms. In the evening the group went to a projection of the famous opera by Verdi, Aida, at La Scala.

Then in Torino they visited the museum of cinema, the automobile museum and the Palazzo Reale of Torino.


I asked few questions to Maude S., a Première who was part of the trip, to know more about it. She liked the trip a lot, because it was interesting and beautiful, the students got along well, the Italian food was very good, but she found it a bit tiring, due to the schedule: they went to bed late and woke up early. Maude’s best memory of the trip is watching the sun set on the top of the Duomo, in Milano. When I ask her what she would have wanted to change or to ameliorate about this trip, Maude had very few things to say, apparently five days were long enough, but she regrets that the guides in museum didn’t seem very enthusiastic.

-By Louise D.

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