Comparison Between the 6eme and 2nde Schedules

In La Tour the secondes and the sixiemes have different schedules that are adapted to their qualifications in language and their level, they also have different classes and times of classes.

The sixièmes and the secondes both start at 8:30 in the morning every day. The secondes have more hours of class and finish two times per week at 6 and the rest at 5 except on Wednesday where a class finishes at 1 and the others at 12:40 like the sixièmes. The sixièmes on their side end two times per week at 5 and the two other times at 4. But the sixiemes have more sports, art and music classes (4h, 1h, and 1h) as the secondes have 2 hours of sports and do not have music and arts anymore. Also, the seconde and the sixieme students that have more class hours are the Anglophone section ones but the seconde Anglophone student has a special class called “Elective” that they choose which adds 1 hour to their schedule.

So basically, the students have the same amount of class. Both classes are organized pretty well so that they have field trips and breaks that makes them work in optimal condition for the whole year!

Also the fact of being a seconde myself permits me to say that maybe our schedules are worse for the first week but after a month you are perfectly adapted to that system and forget you once had a better schedule. So if you are in sixième and you see the secondes schedule, don’t panic !

-By Mathieu D.

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