Frightening Scenes in Libya

A few days ago, horrible images of slave-markets were spread by CNN.

These pictures were taken near Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. Slavery was suspected a long time ago, but was confirmed by these horrible pictures. People sold there are African emigrants that have been enslaved.

On the video that was shot there, we can hear for example, “two big strong guys for farm work” and then the journalist says, “they have been sold for 400 dollars each”.

These images incited strong emotions and shocked many people around the world that decided to denounce it by going down in the streets for marches against slavery. It also shocked all over the world, especially African people, that feel directly concerned by these slave-markets. African artists were the first to react, as the Ivory singer Alpha Blondy did, “Us, African people that counted on you to defend and protect us, are very surprised by your silence in front of this revolting, humiliating and unacceptable situation […].”

He was followed by many African artists.

SLAVES with pictures

Everyone is looking for a culprit, but not for solutions. These slave-markets were denounced several times before this video that confirmed what everyone already knew, but neglected this problem.

That is why people are so upset and angry with the governments that didn’t do anything to solve the problem.

-By Cesar C-E

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