Robots will transform not replace human work

Jobs have always evolved and changed. Automation has made it possible for machines to do the jobs humans once did, and do them faster and cheaper.

Do you know that your alarm clock replaced a job? In the 19th century, in London, many knocker-ups were in charge to wake up people so that they could get to work on time. Obviously, this profession has now disappeared.


Will robots replace our future jobs?

Robots have already displaced millions of manufacturing workers and they are starting to replace high-quality jobs. Oxford research shows that nearly half of US jobs could be automated including retail store clerks, doctors, administrative workers and middle managers. Self-driving cars and trucks are a new threat to millions of human jobs. All sectors are concerned.

Robots are now able to learn and enter new fields such as education. Robots are learning to read the facial expressions of pupils to adapt the method of communication to what works best for them. Analysts believe that in 10/20 years, teachers will monitor the progress of their pupils while robots will directly teach their students.


Do we need to worry?

Laurent HAUG, specialist of the digital revolution, explains that technology creates more jobs than it destroys. For instance, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are now everywhere but the number of tellers did not drop. “The humans became far more valuable in customer service and in sales in these bank branches” he said.  Tasks that are repetitive and tedious will soon be automated, but robots cannot handle unpredictable -work or the need for emotional interaction.

New jobs are created by technology: app developers, drone operators, social media managers, cloud service specialists, …

The question is to know if others will replace these jobs. In fact, robots are often replacing tasks and not entire jobs. We will always need creativity, analysis and human interactions.

-By Eva D.

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