New Projects at La Tour

After the inauguration of the new building, dedicated to sports and art, what is planned for the future of the school? I asked Stéphanie Tessier, head of La Tour du Monde, the cultural section of the school, about it.

I asked her if she was satisfied with what has been done these past years for La Tour, and the answer is really positive and enthusiastic! According to her, the building projects “give a lot of opportunities”, like activities such as theatre, and debate used in a pedagogical way. It provides big advantages for the future, and lots of ideas. The reading project allows a “communion in silence” between students and teachers, and the Speaking Prize makes the students “learn to defend their ideas and conviction, to be engaged, and it gives as well oral abilities for their whole life”.

“How have people responded to these accomplishments?” Stéphanie answered honestly that although the families give a good echo and the students are very enthusiastic, some teachers showed a bit of reticence. International development is headed by the Anglophone Section and is followed closely by the other languages. It provides multiculturalism at every scale: teachers, families, and students. “We have to learn to know each other well so we can all develop in peace”.

Now, how about the new objectives, projects, experiences or ideas? “La Tour is always moving onto new ideas!” Now that the new building is over, the school is turning towards a new pastoral project, on the recommendation of the teachers, the families, and of course the students. The parents want it to be more “modern” and the students want it to be “more active”, with more charity’s action for example. Because there seems to be a phenomenon of de-Christianization, “we obviously have to think of a new pedagogy”.

So I asked whether it was compatible with the international development project, and the answer was positive, “It is, because the Gospel is universal. It is an example of charity and openness to others. The inter-religious dialogue has to be lived in openness”. She added that the true sharing is the knowledge of the religions with the others.

Stéphanie imagined that the only difficulty to develop the pastoral project is that it is not a priority for everybody. “The real challenge is to take everyone in this adventure, to go ahead all together!” The project will probably be at its peak in two years, the time to review the programs and to develop the charity aspect, especially with the Aïda association.

Now comes my favorite question : “What is your la Tour ideal, and have you reached it yet ?” Stéphanie answered that she is incredibly attached to this school. “We are very lucky here, we have a lot of possibilities! La Tour is entirely implicated in human relations, openness, curiosity, and artistic sensibility!” She said the students can blossom in all their talents, such as music, dance, theatre, sports, and develop all their capacities. She is also very engaged in the “international Christian foundation, whose aim is to gather people and open them to the world”. So yes, La Tour is her ideal school. However, she personally would love to see the high-school students participate to the literary contest of the Prix Goncourt des lycéens.

-By Maude S.

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