Le Brio, the movie to not miss!

Le Brio is French a Movie directed by Yvan Attal. Attal is a famous French actor and movie director raised in the suburbs of Paris. He was born in Tel-Aviv and is French-Algerian. Yvan acted in several famous movies: New York I love You in 2001, Rush Hour 3 in 2007 and My Wife is an Actress in 2001. He directed Kisses from Paris and Le Brio. Yvan Attal won several César awards: in 1990, he was qualified as the “most promising actor”, the “best supporting actor” in the movie Bon Voyage. He’s been in a relationship with Charlotte Gainsbourg and they now have three children, Ben, Alice and Joe.


Le Brio was first released September 12, 2017, it is a family film and comedy. The movie takes place in Paris’s famous public law university Panthéon -Assas. It relates the story of Neila Salah who grew up in Creteil who dreams of becoming a lawyer. The story starts when Neila attends Pierre Mazzard’s lesson, a brilliant professor known for his outbursts during his lessons. She arrives late and has no idea she is going to have a rough time. Neila is victim of racism and discrimination during his class. Student’s filmed the scene and the videos were spread all around internet. Mr. Mazzard is about to get fired, his only way to save his career is to mentor the student he wronged in a speech contest Assas hadn’t won since a few years. They begin a strong student- professor relationship, and learn a lot of things from each other. The movie is full of suspense, comedy, and emotions.

About 5000 people went to see it on the first day. “It was an interesting film, the actors played their roles well and it was very captivating and full of suspense.”- E.D. It’s not too late to go see the movie you can still go see it in the cinema for a few weeks!

-By Jeanne D.

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