The Eyes of God

An ancient myth says that the homeland given by God to the Bulgarians was a small
piece of Heaven and this saying is embodied by the Eyes of God cave.  
The Prohodna Cave, also known as the Eyes of God cave, is one of the most famous
and splendid caves in Bulgaria. It is located in the north central part of the country,
belonging to the Iskar Gorge. It is 2 km away from Karlukovo, a small rustic village
and 112 km away from Sofia, the country’s capital.


The cave is a natural 262 m long rock bridge, the longest in Bulgaria, that begins at
the roughly 35 m-high small entrance and ends up through the big entrance (which is
the biggest cave arch in Bulgaria standing at 45 m). The first cave was formed
approximately 22.7 thousand years ago during the Quaternary. The cave’s name
“Prohodna” means “passage cave” in Bulgarian. In 1962, the cave was declared a
natural landmark.
The Prohodna Cave is illuminated by the sunlight pouring through its entrances as
well as the natural openings in the ceiling that makes the cave unique. Having
identical almond-shaped forms, the cave holes are compared to giant eyes that gaze
at the visitors. Locals consider them as “The Eyes of God “ (or “The Eyes of the
Devil” for pessimists).
People who witness this natural phenomenon are astonished by their otherworldly
beauty and overwhelmed by a sense of wonder. Up until recently, local residents
used to pray and connect with God in this divine place that has been sadly over
popularized and commercialized.
Other activities in the cave include bungee jumping from the big entrance and sport
climbing routes considered to be some of the hardest in Bulgaria.
The Prohodna Cave belongs to the list of the top 100 tourist sites in Bulgaria. The
cave is open 24/7 for tourists all year round and a guide is not required.
When I heard the Eyes of God cave was located in Bulgaria I was surprised at first but when I really thought about it, there is no better place for the Eyes to look but in Bulgaria. My only visit there was something I would never forget. The otherworldly view of the two giants eyes staring deep into your soul fills you with awe and wonder while you feel connected to a higher power.
-By Bojardor B.