Interviewing two Heroes

Summer Holidays are close, but so is the Course des Héros! This event which brings people together to run for different charities is less than three weeks away. To celebrate the work of charities and events like this one, I decided to interview two people participating in the Course des héros. The first one is my 15 year old friend Talia Tisserand. The second one is my 54 year old father, Andrew Craig.


So, How did you come up with the idea of participating in the “Course des Héros”?

T : Well, I found out about the race through my school, who presented the race to my class and encouraged all students to participate. Also, the Aida association contacted the volunteer group which I am part of.

A : I’ve heard about the run for several years, I’ve always meant to do it and this year I thought “I’m not going to miss it”. I also want to start running a bit more.


What organisation are you running for this year?

T: I am going to be running for the Aida association. I’m representing it because I’m a volunteer for this group that helps fight child cancer. I think this is very important because kids should not suffer this much; it is very important to promote research and help these poor children, so that is why I’m running for Aida.

A : I’ll be running for an organisation which helps people who’ve been badly burnt, these are terrible injuries, which are life changing and cause huge suffering… And we can’t do enough for the people who suffer these injuries.


To get an official bib, you have to raise a minimum of 250 euros. How did you manage?

T: To do so, I sent messages to my family, friends and most people who surround me on a daily basis. Most people were happy to donate money.

A: Well, I must admit I am not as praise worthy as Talia, since it’s my company who’s paying. They will make a donation , so I don’t have to personally raise money.


What distance are you going to be running? Have you been training?

T: I haven’t been training actually but I am going to start soon, since school is ending and I’ll have way less work. But yeah, I definitely have to start training because I’m going to be running 6 kilometers, which I’ve never done before so this is quite a sporty challenge for me.

A: Yes, I have been running, I try going twice a week and running between 6 and 10 kilometers. I’m also running 6 kilometers for the race.


Why is this event important to you?

T: So I am running because I wanted to be active in my association, beyond doing volunteer work in the Hospitals. I also wanted to fundraise money for it and promote the research. Doing this run, I had to raise a minimum of 250 euros and I’ve been able to raise more than a thousand euros, which I am really happy about. This is also really important for me because many of my relatives have been affected by cancer and I don’t think anyone should go through that.

A: I think that the principle of doing work and raising money for people or charities is good and we should do more of it.



Is there any thing you’d like to say to people who might be thinking about participating in the Course des Héros?


T : Honestly it doesn’t matter how big of a distance you run, or how much you train, or how fast you are, it just matters that you participate and that you show solidarity for the cause you are representing and.. You should definetly participate.

A: Give it a go mate, you’ve got nothing to lose.

-By Anna C.

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