Australia: La Tour Exchange

By Simon Le Frapper, Victor Peter, and Damien Brimont

During our time in Cranbrook School we were able to attend many classes such as Economics, Science, History, Math, Sport, French, Music and of course English. The school amazed us for many reasons, the first one was because students were allowed to use their computers to work and even use their phones during breaks, but what also impressed us was that there were some exotic birds walking in the school, such as the white ibis. What was also interesting was that compared to France, kids there were not interested at all in history. We were able to see that Australian students did far more sport in and outside of school than us: my exchange student did 8 hours of sport per week.  The students finished quite early, at 3:00 pm but they only arrived home at 5:00pm because they spend time together every day after school ends.


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