The New Bac: between uncertainty and opportunity



The students of 2 nd at La Tour are excited but lack information


The new reform for the 2021 baccalaureat is promising change: the actual sections L,
ES and S will be replaced by chosen subjects. A wave of elation interlaced with ‘2dread is
sweeping in 2 nd classrooms. We talked to some students to get their opinion on this change. Alix Boury for example, is thrilled that the current sections are being replaced: “I really don’t think I could have been able to choose between L, ES, or S. I would have had to decide between Art and Biology, two subjects that I love”. Indeed, for many students, this reform will offer more freedom and diversity to students. They will no longer have to choose between three rigid sections. Students can stay away from classes they don’t like and pick those they enjoy with almost no constraints. Also, classes will no longer gave the L, S and ES distinction. This is wildly supported by students, “people used to be categorized by their section; L was for the dumb, S for the intelligent and ES for the in between. Now I can take something scientific and history”. However, for many pupils the reform favors literary subjects. “I mean just look at our main course, we have four hours of French/philosophy and just two hours of scientific classes.”. For those who want to pursue a scientific career, this can be an obstacle.


Even though the general emotion is excitement, students are also worried. “We are the test year. If things go wrong the government can always change it for the year after us, but not for us.”. In addition, almost no information has been given from the Minestry of Education. Nobody knows, even the teachers and parents, what exactly the options consist off. And parents and teachers are already demanding a first opinion. Jade Santelli declares: “they should at least explain what the options are before they ask us what we want to do.”. A lot of pressure has been put on their shoulders increasing the stress. The universities and Prepas have not been reformed to match the baccalaureat’s one. Admittance will be problematic for some students. For example, there are not a lot of Prepas that combine art and math. Students who major in these two will have limited options when it comes to universities.

Students are facing their future with uncertainty, apprehension but enthusiasm. “We
have all the questions but none are being answered!”. Let’s hope that the Minestry of
Education will give out more information in the months to come.

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