La Tour German students travel to Trostberg, Germany


From February 15-22, two German classes from La Tour left Paris to experience a week in Trostberg, Germany. 25 students left with German teacher, Frau Braatz and AND, Ms. Dunet to discover more about the Bavarian culture.

The lucky students visited Munich and Salzburg as well as the little town of Trostberg. The week was composed of cultural visits to historical monuments such as Scholl University in Munich and the castle in Salzburg. One of the highlights of this trip was a visit to an underground salt mine.  But part of each day was spent in German classes so that students could improve their language skills in order to work out how to express themselves during their visit.

Even though we missed Frau De Person on the trip, everything went well. Each day was full of surprises, or as one might say in German: Überraschung ! We were fully immersed in German culture for the whole first weekend, and on Monday, we visited the school we would attend. As Anglophone Section student Margot Hertoghe (2EA) commented,  “It was huge”. Indeed, the school was very large for so few students. On Tuesday, we visited Munich and were surprised at the depth of history contained in one city. We visited many monuments in the capitol of the Bavarian State. On Wednesday, we had a full day of school at the German school, which is more like a half a day for French students. On Thursday, we went to Salzburg and visited a castle and a salt mine.

A survey revealed that 96 percent of students found the trip amazing and thought it had improved their German skills.

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