By Béatrice Mourre and Angelina Hass-Richarte


Once again, this past March, a group of 4EA students participated in PACMUN (Paris Collège Model United Nations), a political conference that takes place each year at the American School of Paris in Saint Cloud. This conference imitates the United Nations and works to initiate the students to international relations. Participating students debated on important topics over the course of three days. They met students from various countries and debated with them. The students were divided into small committees, each one representing a different country. This gave everyone the opportunity to talk at least once.

The students thought that it was a great opportunity to discover something that they did not know much about. As Solène Galinier Warrain (4°5), said, “Going to PACMUN was a great opportunity that not every school gets. I liked the fact that it treated current international issues.” The students also thought that it was very well organized and helped widened their knowledge and understanding of important political issues. “Thanks to this experience, I discovered a new country, and I really improved my debating skills. In addition, the issues we debated on were very current and interesting. I absolutely loved this experience and recommend it to everybody!” says Philippine Bonet (4°5).

PACMUN was a great opportunity for 4EA students to discover a new activity and to improve their debating  skills. They all loved the experience and were pleased to have participated. Maybe they will continue their passion for current international, political topics of debate by participating in the Anglophone Section’s HMCE conferences in Madrid and in PAMUN in the coming years!

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