The Anti-Food Wasting Project at La Tour

By Juliette Guérard

Food waste is a problem that can be solved with everyone’s help. The first step of this project is awareness. To bring a solution, people must be aware of how important they are in this issue. That is why, for one week in February, La Tour sets up a campaign to help students realize how much food is wasted even over a relatively short period of time.

To demonstrate the potential amount of waste, the cafeteria staff put out different boxes for each category of food served (meat, vegetables, bread, and dessert). Students are asked to empty the food left on their plates into the boxes when they have finished eating. At the end of the day, the cafeteria staff weighs each box, and a week later, the shocking results are released to the public.

In just four days, 9kg of bread, 75,5 kg of meat and vegetables and 10,6 kg of dessert were wasted. As expected, the students found these numbers far too high. One Anglophone Section student, Bahia Kander (2EA)  commented, “This is tragic, considering the recent events regarding climate change, conducted  and organized by youth. Yet look at us, wasting all this food.” A 6e Anglophone Section student (name?) responded: “The numbers are huge,  I didn’t really expect this. We could try to give the rest of our food to people in need at least.” Clara Pruneau (2AA) says, “This food waste is alarming: we have to solve this problem as soon as we can … We can’t afford wasting that much food when it could have been used for people that needed it.” Finally, Pia Tassot (3EA) expressed the same sentiment of shock: “Knowing that nearly one million people die of hunger every year, those numbers are shocking. Maybe students should be able to better choose how much food they would like in their plate, as proportions might be too big for them.

The project was a success: it allowed the students to realize how bad the situation is and how important they can be in resolving this issue. They can now act to help solve this global issue through different initiatives, like the Anti-Waste Project at La Tour.












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