Great Barrier Reef Adventure

This year I had the chance of being part of the amazing Australian exchange organized by the Anglophone Section for EA and AA. I and six other students of last year’s Seconde were lucky enough to miss out on the last few weeks of school to go to the other side of the world. The exchange was split between three weeks of class and two weeks on holidays. We are going to talk about the two weeks of vacation I spent with Charlie my exchange student and his family.

The first week of our Australian holiday was spent in Sydney like most of the other French students and their host family. We went sight seeing through the city and I even got to hang out with Gauthier quite a lot because our exchange partners were good friends. The four of us had the luck to do the Harbour Bridge climb and enjoyed a beautiful view of the city from fifty meters above sea level.

Like most of the others on the second week we left Sydney and flew to beautiful more tropical places. Charlie, his family and I went to Cairns in northern Queensland next to the Great Barrier Reef. We had the chance to go snorkelling in the reef and we all saw beautiful fish and corals. We also went around Queensland and into the land to see a lot of interesting wildlife like crocodiles, kangaroos and koalas.

Overall this trip to Australia was a real chance to improve my English but also to discover the Australian ecosystem, which is so different from Europe’s. The fauna and flora of the reef was amazing and this trip certainly was a great experience.


-Guillaume H.

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