OFF-WHITE is a fashion label founded by DJ and fashion designer Virgil Abloh in 2012, so this is a pretty young brand that just took off in the hype beast (which collects rare items from brands, especially applies to shoes and sports stuff). The current designs range from patchwork to graphic t-shirts and all of them feature the company’s now trademark stripes, noticeably embossed on its back along with its name “WHITE.” As well as, being carried by various retailers worldwide, OFF-WHITE opened its first location and flagship store in Hong Kong it then opened in Toronto, England and France.

It recently made collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Champion, the Jordan brand and the most famous and recent of all, their collaboration with Nike.

This brand’s particularity is to be pretty young and original. Since they have small limits they really like to add weird things to sneakers and the results aren’t that bad !

-By Mathieu D.

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