Course des Heros

Each year, La Tour has a tradition: support a humanitarian association. This year, we are helping the association Aïda “La jeunesse unie contre les cancers de L’Enfant” through La course des Héros. Aïda is the first association to be created by European high school students. It was created in 2015 by Léa Moukanas, a La Tour student who graduated a few years back. This association supports children with cancer but also funds the search for cancer cures. Helping children is one of the most fundamental goals, they assist patients but also the families, in their homes and in hospitals. The particularity of Aïda is that it is run by teenagers and they help people with the same age. The funding of medical research is the second purpose, it is very essential to ensure the recovery of the patients. This year, Aïda funds the search on leukemia and other cancers. There are many volunteers, but you can also participate by giving the association money.

A few weeks back, we had a presentation on it, explaining how we could help. This is where I first heard of “La course des héros”. This race is a charity event created to help many different associations. It has already helped collect about 13 million euros for up to 200 different causes. To participate, you have to collect 200 or more euros, from your family, friends… But then, during the race, you can either walk or run 2, 6 or 10 km. The race is known for having a wonderful atmosphere, a family spirit and to be filled with happiness. “The atmosphere the day of the race is magical, we are all gathered with the same purpose: support a cause which means a lot to us” said a participant of last year’s Course des Héros.

course des heors

This year, the race is scheduled to be on the 17 of June, at the Park de Saint-Cloud. It is really easy to participate, you just have to follow the instructions found in the website, and choose the association Aïda. Join the adventure to help causes that means a lot to you!

-By Bérénice M.

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