The AS Welcome Picnic


Each year, in September, in the Shakespeare Garden, the Parents Teachers Association organizes a picnic to introduce new families to the Anglophone Section community and for returning students and teachers to share tales of their summer adventures. Thankfully the sun shone brightly on the Sunday afternoon where everybody was really happy to see each other again and to share some good homemade dishes.


On Sunday September 11th, the Shakespeare garden was invaded by hungry English speaking students, parents and teachers from La Tour. Everybody unpacked their food and their blankets and sat down on the grass. Families started eating on their own but little by little they turned around and discovered other nice families around them. They started socializing and quickly found out that their children were in the same class or that they had things in common, especially when they were around good food. Teachers met their students’ parents and were glad to get to know the families of the Anglophone Section. Some students got to talk about future projects with teachers outside of class in a more relaxed environment. There were a lot of new students this year with their families, which proves that the PTA Picnic is a perfect way to get into our great Anglophone Section family.


We asked Mrs Colas how she feels about the Picnic, especially this year, as the new Anglophone Section director. She told us that being the director doesn’t change anything to the fun, except that she spent more time talking with parents and students and less time sitting down and eating food. It looks like everybody enjoyed the event and will be glad to come back next year to eat even more.

– By Sarah Z. and Mathilde T.

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